Business Ethics Alliance introduce Ethical Omaha legacy project


The Business Ethics Alliance has officially kicked off its Ethical Omaha Legacy Project in an effort to communicate Greater Omaha’s core ethical values. This project titled “Ethical Omaha” will provide complimentary tools for businesses, organizations and schools to educate their teams about our city’s five business core values. The purpose is to gift a legacy for these business ethics core values to our current and future generations of business leaders in Greater Omaha.

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“The founders of the Alliance believe these five core business values are the bedrock of what makes Omaha so great. They, and our supporters, desire that our current and future generations understand these noble morals and continue to incorporate them into their business decisions so Omaha remains one of the most ethical cities in the nation,” said Dr. Beverly Kracher, executive director of the Business Ethics Alliance.

Through combined interviews and focus groups with Omaha business leaders, the Business Ethics Alliance identified Greater Omaha’s five business core values as accountability, community responsibility, financial vitality, integrity, and moral courage. Definitions, curriculum and videos were created for each value for business ethics education and presentation. The complete package for community responsibility is now available for download, free of charge. Additional packages will be released throughout 2013 and early 2014.

“Business moves the world forward, and people and values are at the heart of this,” says Dr. Kracher. “It’s important to take a step back and see how your organization can become even better at ensuring the highest ethical standards. Each of these presentations poses every day ethical dilemmas that we all will face at one time or another. These presentations will help business people strengthen their “ethics muscles,” which is truly a corporate and social responsibility to our community.”

Presentation packages include a comprehensive facilitator’s guide, a link to a real-life scenario video, communications tools to announce and promote the presentation, surveys to conduct before and after and other materials needed for organizations to produce a measurable and effective presentation from start to finish.

Any business, organization or school may go to and download complete presentation packages, as they become available, as a Greater Omaha legacy gift from the Business Ethics Alliance. The Business Ethics Alliance will also give the presentation to organizations upon request.

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