Infographic: Drawing a Picture of Business Ethics

An infographic based on the findings from the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey published by the Ethics Resource Center.

When it comes to business ethics, there’s good news and there’s bad news. Despite what you may see in the headlines, observed misconduct in US workplaces has reached historic lows and more employees than ever before are blowing the whistle on workplace misconduct. Unfortunately, retaliation claims have risen sharply at the same time.

With an increasing number of employees reporting a weak ethical culture in their organizations, it’s clear that things still need to change.


2011 National Business Ethics Survey

We put together an inforgraphic based on the findings from the 2011 National Business Ethics Survey conducted by the Ethics Resource Center (ERC). The survey is published every two years and takes a look at business ethics from an employee perspective.  Over the years, the findings from the survey have been used to identify trends and the factors that impact business ethics, offering suggestions and steps companies can take to reinforce their commitment to ethics. In 2011, the survey looked at:

  • The economy’s influence on ethical behavior
  • Levels of observed and reported workplace misconduct
  • Ethics challenges facing active social networkers
  • Retaliation against whistleblowers
  • Ethics culture within an organization
  • Employee confidence in managemen




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