Data Protection – Why Is It Needed?

By Wayne S Thompson

There are times in everyone’s lives when you have to give someone else your own personal information. Setting up a bank account, getting a new job, purchasing consumables, using the internet and paying bills all require us to give some form of private information. This is where the data protection act takes effect. Any business, company, organisation or body that asks for your personal data is required to abide by the rules stated in the data protection act. By law, anyone who asks for your personal information must make sure that they keep the data stored in a safe place away from those who are not allowed to see it. Failure to do so is a breach of law and the company could then be sued or punished.

Everyone owns the right to protect their own personal information. Those who obtain your personal information should make sure that they protect your data. The act was brought about in 1998 to protect the personal information of everyone in the United Kingdom. In the business environment it should always be the responsibility of the company to protect your personal information. When starting a new job your details are taken by the employee. Names, address, bank details, previous jobs and national insurance number are all recorded when you take up a new job. These should be kept in a safe place by the employer. Only those allowed to see your personal information are allowed to do so. You have the right to see your personal file at any time you request.

Those who own a business should make sure that they have a procedure in place so as to keep the personal data of its employees safe. Usually there will a human resources or a personnel department that will take charge in making sure that your personal data is kept safe. Those who work in a human resources job role obtain an employee’s details when they start which they then process so that each employee can start their job role at the company. It is the responsibility of those who work in the personnel department to make sure that your data is kept safe and secure and is only accessed by those who have the right to see it. Each business should have some information security policy in place that protects the data of its employees. These should be met by the employer and the employees of the company.


Wayne Thompson is an experienced online marketer with many years in the web marketing industry. While this experience has made him an expert in most things web related, he also has interests in Technology, Business and Management. All websites referred to have been personally researched and are authentic. If you like this article follow him on Twitter


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