What IT Security Execs Think About Risk Management

by Jared Wade

In response to the results gathered in its 2012 Strategic Security Survey, Information Week has some simple advice that can apply as much to your marriage or workplace debates as it can IT risk management: pick your battles.

When it comes to security and risk management, don’t try to address every possible threat. Instead, pick your battles: Implement better access control, vet cloud providers, safeguard mobile devices, educate users and build more secure software, for starters.

They surveyed nearly 1,000 IT security pros and many of the findings are fascinating. The following four graphs are just a small sampling. You can download the full, 44-page report at their website (link above). Most interesting to me is the top two bars in the second chart: security executives now, finally, consider internal users as just a large threat as they do cyber criminals.


Jared Wade is co-editor of Risk Management Monitor and senior editor of Risk Management magazine, where he has worked since 2002.


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