Responsible Business Ethics to Be Discussed in Geneva

With the current economic and financial crises impact on human ways of lives, different thinking and practices of business, politics, civil society and economy are necessary. The Global Ethics Forum, to be kicked off this evening (27 June), will address these issues in Geneva during two days of conferences on Thursday and Friday.

70 business leaders, professors and international experts will gather under the aegis of the Forum to discuss the « Seeds for successful transformation, the values of values in responsible business». For the Executive Director and Founder of, Professor Dr. Christoph Stückelberger, such an event is crucial as “the current crisis-ridden and conflictual period in world history shows that fundamental transformation in the economy, business, politics, civil society and culture is happening and is needed.”

Reputational Compliance

Reputational Compliance

The Forum will discuss the modality of bringing ethical transformations to various sectors of economic and social activities. One of the key questions it raises is « how can the seeds for successful transformation » be planted in companies and institutions that could benefit from concrete value-based changes in their culture and practice?»

It will touch upon practices in the fields of environment, business and society, with the help they can benefit from social media and new technologies.

Source: theglobaljournal


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